Tiverton Elementary School Handbook

Tiverton Elementary Schools Handbook


Introduction                                         2                     
Non Discrimination Policy                  3                     
Section 504+ Title IX                           3                     
Student Records                                  4                                 
Elementary Schedules                        4                      Recess                                                 4
Homework                                           5                      
Conduct Code                                     5                      Consequences                                     6                      Infractions                                           7                                 
School Bus Safety                               8                      Dismissal                                             9                     
Walker Dismissal Procedures            9                      Communication                                  9                      Searches                                               9                     
Prohibited Items                                 10
School Volunteers                               10                   
Student Insurance                               10                   
School Field Trips                                10                   
Telephone Messages                          10                   
Lost and Found                                    10                   
Parent – Teacher Conferences           11                   
Pupil Needs                                          11                       
Dress Code                                           11                   
Care of Books/Equipment                  12                    Absenteeism                                      12
Tardiness                                             12                   
School Closing Announcements        12                   
Breakfast/Lunch Programs                13                   
Health Related Issues                         13                   
In Case of Illness                                 14                   
Medication Procedures                      14                    Guidance                                             15                   
Retention Policy                                  16                   
Signature Page                                    17


The purpose of this handbook is to provide students, parents and guardians with a convenient source of information about the Tiverton Elementary Schools.

There are three elementary schools in Tiverton:

Pocasset School  at 242 Main Road  (Preschool through grade 4)

Fort Barton School  at 99 Lawton Avenue (Preschool through grade 4)

Ranger School at 278 North Brayton Road (Kindergarten through grade 4)

Central Office                 

  • Superintendent                                 William Rearick                      624-8475
  • Director of Finance & Admin.       Douglas Fiore                          624-8475
  • First Student Transportation          Michelle Pacheco                    625-5562

Fort Barton                                               624-6114 (phone)                 624-2927(fax)

  • Suzette Wordell, Principal            Lisa Borges, Guidance             Joy Frain, Nurse

Pocasset                                                   624-6654 (phone)                  624-7889 (fax)

  •  , Principal                                       Ann Marie Tobin, Guidance    Lori Dobbin, Nurse

Ranger                                                     624-8467 (phone)                   624-8468 (fax)

  • Manuel Cabral, Principal             Ann Marie Tobin, Guidance   Carla Sweeney, Nurse

School Committee           

  • Chairperson                                    Sally Black                                624-4706
  • Vice Chairperson                           Carol Herrmann                       625-1606                                            
  • Member                                           Jerome Larkin                          624-4172
  • Member                                           Deborah Pallasch                    624-2951
  • Member                                           James Arruda                            255-5053 

Tiverton School Department

Policy of Non-Discrimination 

It is the policy of the Tiverton School Department not to discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, religion, national origin, color, or disability in its education programs, activities, and employment practices in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act:

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is Congress’ directive to any organization to eliminate discrimination based on disability from all aspects of school operation.  It states: “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability shall solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program of activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”  Since the Tiverton School Department receives federal dollars, we are required to provide eligible disabled students with equal access (both physical and academic) to services, programs, and activities offered by our schools.  Information on the process for reviewing Section 504 eligibility is available in each school building as well as parents’ rights.  Parents have the right to file a complaint with the district if they feel their child’s rights have been violated.  Forms for filing a complaint and additional information on the process for addressing Section 504 parent complaints are available in each school office. 

 Title IX:

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities by recipients of federal financial assistance. In an effort to comply with Title IX, the Tiverton School Department affirms that no person shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity.  Additional information on Title IX policies and procedures is available in each school building and at our central office. Anyone who believes that discrimination on the basis of sex has occurred should contact the appropriate building representative listed below for information and advice on the complaint procedure: 

Tiverton High School

Christopher Ashley, Building Principal                      (401) 624-8494

John McKinnon, Asst. Principal                                  (401) 624-8494

Lynn Nicholas, Director of Guidance                         (401) 624-6621

Tiverton Middle School                     

Laurie Dias-Mitchell, Building Principal                     (401) 624-6668

David Frerichs,  Asst. Principal                                   (401) 624-6668

Shana Roper, Guidance Counselor                            (401) 624-6762

Elementary Schools

Suzette Wordell, Fort Barton School Principal         (401) 624-6114

Manuel Cabral, Ranger School Principal                   (401) 624-8467

Deanne Riley, Pocasset School Principal                   (401) 624-6654

Lisa Borges, Fort Barton/THS Guidance Counselor  (401) 624-6114 or (401) 624-8494

Ann Tobin, Pocasset/Ranger Guidance Counselor   (401) 624-6654 or (401) 624-8467

Central Office

William Rearick, Superintendent                                (401) 624-8475

Amy Donnelly-Roche, Director of Curriculum           (401) 624-8494 ext. 216 


The Tiverton School Board has adopted regulations pertaining to student records which are in accordance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Buckley Amendment) and as amended on December 31, 1974.

The following is a summary of the major parent and student rights regarding school records in the town of Tiverton.

  1. Inspection of Record

    A parent, or a student who is 18 years old, has the right to inspect all portions of the student record upon request.  The record must be made available to the parent or student within a reasonable time but no later than 45 days after the request.

    The parent and student have the right to receive copies of any part of the record, although a reasonable fee may be charged for the cost of duplicating the materials.

    Finally, the parent and student may request to have parts of the record interpreted by a qualified professional of the school, or may invite anyone else of their choosing to inspect or interpret the record with them.

  2. Confidentiality of Record

    With a few exceptions, no individuals or organizations but the parent, student, and school personnel working directly with the student are allowed to have access to information in the student record without the specific, informed, written consent of the parent of the student.  

  3. Amendment of Record

    The parent and student have the right to add relevant comments, information, or written materials to the student record.  In addition, the parent and the student have a right to request that information in the record be amended or deleted.  The parent and student have a right to a conference with the school principal to make their objections known.  Within a week after the conference, the principal must render a decision in writing.  If the parent and student are not satisfied with the decision, the regulations contain provisions through which the decision may be appealed to higher authorities in the school system

  4. School Records normally include:

Directory Information                          Health Card

Attendance Record                              Standardized Test Scores

Academic Record                                 Academic Record

5.  The above is only a summary of some of the more important provisions of the Regulations Pertaining to Student Records that relate to student and parent rights.  If more detailed information is desired, contact the school principal. 


Grades K-4:                           Breakfast begins at 8:30

Doors open      8:40 AM          School begins   8:50 AM        School closes   3:20 PM       


At Ranger School, children go outside to the playground twice each day.

At Pocasset and Fort Barton Schools students have an extended recess before eating lunch.

Parents should check weather conditions and dress their children accordingly. Under severe conditions children will have indoor recess.


Homework is and should be an important part of a child's educational development. The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. It fosters good work habits and helps to teach the child responsibility. Homework is part of the students' grade.

For homework to achieve an effective level, parental supervision is encouraged.

Children in grades 1 through 4 are assigned schoolwork to be done at home.
In the assignment of homework the following is used as a guide:

1. Homework should always be used as a reinforcement tool for lessons previously presented.

2. Homework should never reach a point where it becomes excessive.

3. Homework is progressive in amounts as a child moves through the grades.

4. All written homework is corrected and becomes part of the students' grade.

5. In the upper elementary grades homework should include both short-term (daily) as well as long term assignments (Book Reports, Projects, etc.).

6. Time guide - the following are approximate limits and are used as a guide for both written and study homework:

Grade 1 - 20 minutes                           Grade 2 -30 minutes

Grade 3 -40 minutes                            Grade 4 -50 minutes

8. In addition to the above it is recommended that children should be engaged in a reading activity at home for 15 minutes each day.

For this activity to be successful:

  • In the primary grades students need to be read to by parents. In the upper elementary grades students may need assistance from parents. (Example: listening to students read aloud)

CODE OF CONDUCT                                                                                                

The purpose of our discipline code is to provide a safe and nurturing school environment that is conducive to learning.  The discipline code is also designed to promote respect for each student, the school community, and school property.

We advocate a discipline code that:

  • effectively deals with student behavior,
  • treats students with dignity,
  • integrates discipline with effective teaching to help students understand the consequences of their actions, and
  • helps students develop strategies to avoid misbehaviors in the future.

The discipline code shall apply to any student in the school building, on school premises, on school buses at school-related activities, or using school computers.  The discipline code shall apply at any time that a student is subject to the authority of school personnel, including before, during, and after school hours.

In the event that violations of school policy are also violations of state and federal law, involvement with the legal system may be pursued.


We believe it is the responsibility of all who come in contact with students to maintain a productive school environment.

Most behaviors which have a negative impact on the school’s successful operation can be successfully managed by the classroom teacher, while the more serious or recurring infractions will result in a referral to an administrator.  Disciplinary action will be firm, fair and consistent in order to be effective in changing behavior.  Appropriate action will be taken according to the seriousness of the offense and previous actions taken.  Actions will reflect student’s needs as well as the school’s need to ensure a safe, orderly learning environment for all. 

A variety of discipline management techniques will be administered to students who choose to violate the District’s Code of Conduct.  In general, discipline penalties increase according to the severity or persistence of misconduct.

Disciplinary action will be timely, firm, fair, and consistent in order to be effective in changing behavior; appropriate action will be taken according to the seriousness of the offense.  The Building Principal or Crisis Intervention Team will first review the student’s disciplinary records and consider the circumstances which led to a violation.

The range of consequences which may be imposed for violations of the student disciplinary code includes the following:

-     verbal warning           written warning         notification to parent              meeting with parent

-     reprimand                   detention                   in-school suspension           suspension from transportation                suspension from social extracurricular activities           suspension of other privileges                

-     exclusion from a particular class                 involuntary transfer to another classroom

-     suspension (out of school – prohibits as to being on school ground during and/or after school)


  • The Principal reserves the right to take any reasonable action that is necessary in the interest of the students, staff, and smooth operation of the school building.
  • The same rules that apply to the school day also apply to behavior at the bus stop.
  • A major infraction of school regulations, such as gross insolence or insubordination, may result in immediate out-of-school suspension.
  • Harassment and weapons of any type are strictly not allowed and will be dealt with in a most serious manner.  School Committee policy addresses specific procedures to be followed in these serious matters.
  • Discipline for any inappropriate behavior that infringes on the health, safety, and/or educational well-being of the students and staff will be left to the discretion of the Principal.
  • Bullying, harassing, and personal threats will be handled in accordance with any School Department and/or RI Department of Education Policies that may supersede this discipline chart. 


First Offense

Second Offense

Third Offense

Bullying and/or

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Harassing others

Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Call home and one day of OSS.


Call home and loss of recess.

Call home and one day of ISS.






Disrespectful to staff /


Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Call home and loss of one

Call home. One day of ISS.

Call home. One day of OSS.









Disruptive Behavior

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Call home and loss of one

Call home. Must see Guidance

Call home. One day of OSS.



counselor. One day of ISS.








Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Call home and one day of OSS.

Call home and two days of OSS.

Call home and two days of OSS.





Rough Play that could result

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

in unnecessary injury

Loss of recess for two days.

Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Sent to Guidance Counselor.



Call home and one day of ISS.

Call home and one day OSS.





Significant or serious destruction of Property

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Must see Guidance Counselor.

Note: Reimbursement will be

Call home and loss of recess to

Call home. One day of ISS or

Call home. Two days of OSS.

sought for property that is

one day of ISS depending on

one day of OSS depending upon


broken along with labor costs

the situation.

what consequence took place










Personal Threat

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Send to Guidance counselor.

Call home and one day of

Call home and two days of OSS.


Call home and one day of ISS.








Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Sent to Guidance Counselor.


Call home and one day of ISS.

Call home and one day of OSS.

Call home and one day of OSS.





Use of Inappropriate

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.

Conference with the Principal.


Call home and loss of recess

Sent to Guidance Counselor.

Call home and one day of OSS.


for two days.

Call home and one day of ISS.


Note: Infractions are documented each calendar year and students start with a clean record each year. 



 1. On roadways where there are no sidewalks, walk facing traffic.

 2. While waiting for the school bus, do not run around or play games.

 3. Be on time at the designated pick-up point. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes before designated times as pick ups and drop-offs can vary due to weather, departures from other schools, etc. Note: Busses cannot wait.

 4. Approach the bus only when it has stopped.

 5. Proceed to assigned seat and stay there until the bus arrives at the discharge point.  When seated, keep feet and objects out of the aisles.

 6. Books and equipment should not be placed in the aisles.

 7. Remain in your seat. No standing.

 8. Always keep hands, arms, etc. in the bus.

 9. There is to be no eating of food on the busses. Help keep the bus clean, sanitary, and orderly.

10. Cooperate with the driver and monitor - no talking to the driver while the bus is in motion.  However, report any emergency to the driver.

11. Remain in your seat until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

12. Leave bus at designated stop. Cross in front of bus when crossing the street and at least   10 feet in front of bus, listen to the bus monitor.

13. The school bus is a classroom on wheels. Act in a school bus as you would in the classroom.

14. Respect and be courteous to your school bus driver and monitor. They have a very important job to do and they need your help.

15. Avoid unnecessary disturbing noises; do not shout at passing persons or vehicles.

16. Profane or vulgar language is unacceptable.

17. SMOKING ON SCHOOL BUSSES IS NOT PERMITTED BY ANYONE AT ANT TIME, including when students are not present.

In the interest of safety, all parents are requested to cooperate with the school department in the implementation of this safety code.


Verbal warnings are communicated to parents and/or building principals prior to the issuance of written notices except in serious instances that need to be addressed formally. Ex. Significant or serious destruction of property.

1st written discipline notice                              Warning/Parent notification
2nd written discipline notice                             Warning/Parent notification and loss of recess

3rd written discipline notice                              Three day bus suspension

4th written discipline notice                              Five to ten day bus suspension.

5th written discipline notice                              Bus suspension to end of semester


For everyone's safety, all persons entering or leaving the building must report to the school office, sign-in with the school secretary, and wear a visitor’s pass.

Parents wishing to have their children dismissed prior to the close of school are requested to inform the school office in writing. Permission will be granted for legitimate reasons, such as doctor visits or emergencies. Students need to be signed out by a parent or guardian.  Students will only be released to persons registered as authorized by parents on registration forms.

Parents are requested to report to the school office when picking up children before dismissal and sign the release book.

Parents changing bus or walker assignment are to send in a note to school on that day in accordance with the district’s bussing policy.

Parents meeting walkers are asked to meet their child outside.

“Walker Dismissal Procedures”

After a careful review of our present “Walker Dismissal” procedures, the Tiverton School Committee, in accordance with the school administrative staff, adopted the following procedure effective March 29, 2004.

Students who are “Walkers” will be dismissed in the following fashion:

  1. Parents/Guardians of students in grades 1 and Kindergarten will continue to present their child’s School Identification Card to the teacher/administrator on duty in order to pick up their child.
  2. Parents/Guardians of students in grades 2-4 will present valid photo identification at the door to the teacher/administrator on duty, who will cross-reference the identification with your child’s emergency release contacts (information is taken from your child’s Elementary Biological Data form).
  3. We will continue to have parents send in students with “Walker Dismissal” notes on the day they will not be riding the bus home.
  4. If a person arrives to pick up a student without proper identification, the student will not be released.  Rather, the student will be escorted to the Main Office.


Parents are encouraged to address any concerns to the immediate attention of the classroom teacher. If the matter is not resolved at that level, the building principal should be contacted. Further remediation should be addressed with the Superintendent of Schools. The next step in the appeal process would be the Tiverton School Committee.


School desks and other such equipment are school property, not the private property of students and as such may be subject to inspection from time to time by school officials.

Under special circumstances, school officials, may search students, upon parent notification, particularly if there is reasonable suspicion that a student possesses illegal matter, for example, a dangerous weapon or illegal drugs.  Students must be aware that such items are forbidden both on school property and at school-related activities. 


The learning atmosphere can be interrupted by the indiscriminate use of electronic devices.  These items are temptations for theft and are disruptive to the learning environment.  Therefore, all cell phones, radios, cameras, digital devices, Ipods, and electronic games are to be left at home unless they are to be used in class or at after school day care. Teacher permission must be obtained and the item must be left in the teacher’s possession for the day if approved for school use. Parents should contact the building principal in instances of extenuating circumstances. Any recording or taking of photos with cell phones will result in a disciplinary action.


Parents and interested persons can help in the classroom with small groups or individual children, in the school library or office, or as a resource person sharing your job or hobby with the children.

Volunteers can help in these and many other ways whatever time and day is convenient. You do not need a background in education or special training. It's your interest and concern that matters. “On the Job" training will be provided.

Interested parents and friends who wish to work as a volunteer should call any of our elementary schools. All volunteers are required to complete a confidentiality form.


The Tiverton School Department does not carry student accident insurance.  An insurance plan for students at a nominal fee is made available to all children who attend the Tiverton Schools. Parents who do not have their children covered under their own accident policy are encouraged to take advantage of school insurance.

Plan 1 - This plan protects the student on a 24 hour basis.

Plan 2 - This plan protects the student while attending school, traveling to and from
school, and while participating in a sponsored activity.

Insurance forms are available at each school and will be distributed to all students in September.


Whenever there is a school approved trip in which students are to be away for any period of time, it is necessary that the pupils turn in the provided permission slip that has been signed by their parents or guardians.


No student or teacher will be called out of class to answer the telephone unless it is an emergency.


There is a lost and found box in each elementary school. Please label all children's clothing. Each year we send large boxes of clothing to local charities. If your child has lost articles of clothing, please feel free to come into school and look through the lost and found box. 


Each year we have two parent-teacher conferences scheduled for our elementary schools. These conferences are held during the second and third terms. At other times, parents may schedule individual conferences with any of our teaching staff as the need arises. Please call in advance for an appointment.


Please inform us immediately of any extenuating needs your son or daughter may have.  Any information of this type will remain confidential and shared with those teachers who work directly with your child.

DRESS CODE             

It is our strong belief that appropriate student dress has a positive impact on student learning, student behavior, and the overall school climate and morale.  High standards of expectation for student dress help send the message to students that school is an important place.  We also believe that a dress code helps prepare students for the workplace where a high standard of dress is often a requirement.        

In order to promote an orderly learning environment in our schools while preparing all students for later success in the world of work, the Tiverton Elementary Schools has established the following guidelines for elementary student dress:

  • Students shall keep their clothes, bodies, and hair clean.
  • Students shall wear shoes or sandals held securely on the feet for protection and safety while on the school grounds or aboard school transportation. Flip flops, clogs, sneakers / shoes with wheels also known as “Wheelies,” and no-back shoes are prohibited.
  • Students shall not wear hats or head coverings inside school buildings unless previously approved by the principal.
  • Students shall not wear decorations, symbols, mottoes, or designs on the body or clothing showing unacceptable products (tobacco, alcohol, drugs), inappropriate clubs or groups, or inappropriate pictures or words.
  • Students shall not wear spandex and /or beach-type clothing to school.
  • Students shall not wear very short shorts or miniskirts, see-through clothing, or revealing tops that leave the stomach showing. Shoulder straps on all shirts should be at least two fingers wide.
  • Students should wear clothing that lets them move and play safely (examples:  sneakers, shorts, t-shirts) when physical education is scheduled.
  • Students’ clothing shall be worn appropriately as designed.  For example, pants are to be worn securely at the waist.
  • Jewelry shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a major distraction  to the educational process.
  • Wallet chains shall not be permitted.
  • Coats may not be worn inside the building.

The Principal, or designee, will make the decision if a student’s appearance meets school and community standards.  The principal’s decision on the appropriateness of dress is final. Further remediation should be addressed with the Superintendent of Schools. The next step in the appeal process would be the Tiverton School Committee.

Parent support is appreciated and necessary.  When students comply with the dress code, staff and administration spend much less time dealing with inappropriate dress and can dedicate that time to student learning.  It is our goal to promote an orderly learning environment in our schools while preparing all students for later success in the world of work.  Your support is appreciated.


Any property damage caused by a student must be repaired or replaced at the expense of the student at fault. If a book is lost or ruined by a student, the replacement price will depend on the condition of the book when it was issued to the student, or the condition of the equipment at the time it was damaged.


Daily attendance at school is important and children is expected to attend school on a daily basis.  The health and well-being of all students is very important so that students are healthy and able to come to school.  For this reason, sick children should not be sent to school.  If a child becomes ill at school, the school will notify a parent or designated guardian.  When children are absent the following attendance procedures apply:

  • Absent one day:  The parents should notify the school office before 9:00 am on the day their child will be out of school.  If a parent does not call, the school personnel will make every effort to contact the parent to determine the reason for the child’s absence.
  • Absent five (5) consecutive days – The principal will direct the nurse to request a medical statement.
  • Absent a total of eight (8) days – The principal will direct the nurse to intervene.
  • Absent a total of ten (10) days – The principal will send a letter to notify parents of their child’s absences in order to promote regular attendance.  All state/federal regulations regarding student attendance will be upheld.

Good attendance is essential for success in school.  Poor attendance may result in school failure and non-promotion.

Please note:  Students absent from school will not be permitted to participated in any during, after school, or evening activities on the day of absence.


We expect all students to be in the building by 8:50 am.  We hope that all of our students will develop a lifelong habit of punctuality.  Children who arrive after 8:50 must report to the office.  A reasonable excuse, detailing the exact cause of the tardiness, will be accepted from a parent/guardian.  Some examples of valid reasons for tardiness are personal illness, family emergency, religious holiday, doctor’s appointment, or inclement weather.  Some examples of invalid reasons for being late to school are oversleeping, studying for a test, malfunctioning alarm clocks, missing the school bus, conducting errands, etc.


In cases of emergencies or inclement weather, you will be notified by phone through the automated Connect-Ed system if school is cancelled or delayed. It is imperative that you notify the school in the event your phone number changes to insure notification. The following will be notified of cancellations and delays:

  • WJAR Channel 10 TV – Providence                     WSAR Fall River (1480 on your AM radio dial)
  • WHTB Fall River (1400)                                    WPRO Providence (630) after 6:00 AM
  • On line at Turntoten.com                                    www.tivertonschools.org
  • If no announcement is made, school meets as usual.  Please do not call the school.
  • A.M. Kindergarten will not be in session on late start days
  • P.M. Kindergarten will not be in session on early release days.


Each Elementary School has cafeteria facilities.  Nutritiously balanced meals are offered for our children. Menus are published monthly by the food vendor, Chartwells, and posted on the district website.  There are 3 daily choices available daily and each includes milk and fruit. Milk, breakfast and/or lunch may be purchased daily, weekly or monthly.
Checks are accepted made out to the Tiverton Lunch Program.

NOTE: Children participating in the breakfast program should enter the building at 8:30 AM.  Breakfast students are expected to be in their homeroom by 8:50 AM.


1. Children are expected to eat lunch in an orderly and reasonably quiet manner.

2. Children are always under the supervision of an adult.

3. Proper table manners and eating habits are expected. (ex: no throwing or spitting food)

If these simple rules are followed, the lunch period will be a pleasant break
in a busy day.

Free and reduced price lunches are available to families meeting State and Federal economic guidelines. Applications are available at all Tiverton Schools throughout the year and will be sent home to students in September.


Vision:  Students receive a vision examination at least upon entrance to school and in the first, second and third grades. This screening includes distance visual acuity, near visual acuity, ocular alignment and color vision. Parents of children who are found to have possible vision problems are notified so that they may seek professional advice.

Hearing:  Hearing screenings are performed annually by the State of Rhode Island Hearing Center. This screening includes puretone testing and tympanometry. Parents of children who are found to have a possible hearing problem are notified so that they may seek professional advice.

Dental:  Students entering kindergarten are required to have a dental examination prior to entrance. Thereafter, every student shall be given an annual screening. Students who are screened by private dentists/dental hygienists and provide written documentation of the screening shall be exempt from school screenings. The dental screening includes examination of soft tissue, gross orthodontics and dentition. When a school’s dental screening has revealed that a dental problem may exist, the parent will be notified so that a dental visit may be arranged.

Speech/Language Screening:  Each student entering kindergarten will receive a screening of their speech and language skills.  The screening will be conducted by a certified Speech and Language Pathologist.  If a problem is noted, parents will be notified and further testing may be warranted.

Physical:  Physical examinations are required for all students entering kindergarten and for any other students entering school in Rhode Island for the first time. Examination forms will be given to parents when they register their child for school.


You don't want your child to miss school, but you don't want to send a sick child to school, making him/her miserable and exposing the other children to illness. Do not send your child to school with a fever (temperature of 100 or more) or with signs of a contagious disease, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, sore throat, frequent cough or inflamed eye.

If your child becomes sick at school, you will be contacted. We will need your telephone number where you can be reached and the numbers of relatives or friends to contact in case of illness or injury.  Emergency forms for parents to complete are sent home in September when school starts. It is imperative that you notify the school in the event your phone number changes to insure notification.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's health, please do not hesitate to call the school nurse at your child's school.


Parents/guardians are advised to give medication at home on a schedule other than during school hours. If it is necessary for the student to receive medication during school hours, adherence to school regulations is required. This medication procedure has been developed per Rules and Regulations for School Health Programs (RI6-21-SCHO).

1. All medications shall be stored in their original prescription-labeled containers.

2. A licensed health care prescriber's written order shall be provided for all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. Note: Annual Standing Orders are written that allow nurses to administer certain medications such as Advil, Orajel, Benadryl, etc.

3. A parent authorization shall be obtained and verified by the certified school nurse-teacher.

4. For the safety of all students, it is recommended that all medication be transported to school by a parent/guardian. In special circumstances it may be necessary for the parent/guardian to contact the school nurse-teacher to plan an alternate medication transport procedure.



Guidance services are available for all students. The School Counselor’s role is to assist students in their social, emotional and academic development.  Counselors will visit classrooms several times each year to teach conflict resolution, social skills, Empathy Training, Anger Management, Impulse Control and Career Exploration.

Counselors are also available to:

  • Orient new students
  • Assist parents in the referral process
  • Provide educational materials to parents on Social/Emotional developmental issues.
  • Attend Staffings, IEP’s and Educational Team Meetings.
  • Provide referrals to outside counseling agencies.
  • Coordinate statewide testing
  • Transition students from elementary school to middle school
  • Provide Crisis Intervention

All Counselors observe ethical standards of the American School Counselor Association and the American Counseling Association.

Special Education Referral Process:

In each of the Tiverton Elementary Schools a Response to Intervention Team exists which is generally the first step in a referral process.  The team consists of the Principal, Guidance Counselor, and Building Teachers.  The team meets as needed to review student progress and teacher concerns regarding student progress.  If the Response to Intervention Team recommendations cannot address the student’s needs, the student is reviewed at a Tier 3 Response to Intervention meeting, which includes the parents, educators, and special education staff, which may include a school social worker, school psychologist, physical therapist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, or a resource teacher.  This team will again review the child’s educational progress and decide on the appropriate action to be taken.

Support Agencies

          The Elementary Guidance Department has a close relationship with outside support agencies and makes appropriate use of such agencies when the need arises.  Possible service providers include but are not limited to: Stop Over Services, Fall River Family Services, Child and Family Services of Newport, and Newport County Community Mental Health Services.  Special concerns of parents and teachers that require a guidance counselor are dealt with on an as needed basis.


It is the policy of the Tiverton School Committee to ensure that elementary school students are placed at appropriate grade levels.  Although elementary students will generally be promoted to the next grade on an annual basis, there may be instances in which the child’s academic and social performance will require that the student be retained in a grade.  The following procedures shall apply in the case of retentions in grade:

  1.  No later than the end of the second quarter, the classroom teacher shall determine whether any of the students in his/her classroom are in danger of requiring retention based on lack of significant academic progress.  If the classroom teacher determines that a student is in danger of requiring retention, the teacher must give notice to the parents of guardians as soon as possible, but in any event no later than the last day of the third quarter.  All communications should be supported with evidence of student work and documented for future reference.
  2. The teacher shall refer the student to the Teacher Support Team for their recommendations on support and remediation.  If warranted, the student may be referred for a special education evaluation.
  3. The decision to retain a student in grade shall be made by the building principal on recommendation of the student’s teacher.  The teacher shall make the recommendation to retain the student on later than May 15th and provide the parents or guardians with verbal and written notice of the decision to recommend retention.
  4. The building principal shall make the determination to retain a student in grade no later than May 15th of the year.
  5. The building principal may consider the following factors when determining whether to retain a student in grade:
  • Academic performance, especially in English Language Arts and  Mathematics
  • Age & Physical size
  • Attendance/Tardiness
  • Work habits
  • Cognitive, social and emotional development
  • Parental support

However, the overarching concern shall be the building principal’s assessment of whether the student will be able to meet the performance requirements and academic standards of the next grade.

  1. Social promotions shall not be permitted.  “Social promotion” is defined as permitting a student to pass to the next grade with his or her peers without regard to the student’s ability to meet the performance requirements and academic standards in the next grade.
  2. Summer instruction may not be considered as a factor in decisions to retain a student in grade.
  3. Trial promotions will not be permitted.
  4. Parents or guardians may appeal the building principal’s decision to the Superintendent of Schools.  If unsuccessful, the parents or guardians may appeal to the School Committee, then the Commissioner of Education.
  5. Students retained in grade shall be assigned to a different teacher, unless after consultation the parents, teacher, and principal agree otherwise.
  6. Nothing in this Policy shall be construed so as to modify or eliminate the Tiverton School Department’s obligations under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 20 U.S.C.A.  1400, or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  7. Adopted:  11-08-05


This is to verify that I have reviewed the Tiverton Elementary School Student Handbook which includes school rules and regulations with my child.  I am aware that violation of procedures will result in the disciplinary action listed in the handbook.

NAME OF STUDENT ________________________ TEACHER ____________

                                                (please print)

SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN____________________________ DATE_____________

I give permission for my child’s picture to be used in school publications.





PARENT OR GUARDIAN_____________________

I do not give permission for my child’s picture to be used in school publications.



PARENT OR GUARDIAN_____________________

Internet Access Agreement     
Tiverton Public Schools 


Parent or Guardian Signature (if User is a Student)


As parent or guardian of this student, I have read this Internet Access Agreement, understand that it is a revocable privilege to use the Internet, and give my permission for my child to be given access to the Internet.  I recognize that the Tiverton Public Schools will use its best efforts to supervise Internet access and to enforce this Agreement, but I understand that it is impossible for the school to guarantee that no unacceptable use will occur.  I will not hold the Tiverton Public Schools responsible for violations of this Agreement by any user.


Signature: ______________________________________Date: ________________


Child’s Name (please print):_______________________________________________



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